The Simplicity in Styling a Tee February 25 2015

When it comes to picking out what to wear in the morning we can all sometimes get stuck staring blankly into our closets at what may seem like an endless possibility of options when in reality, you feel as though you have “nothing to wear.” Well fear not, because a simple tee could answer all your fashion quandaries when deciding which pieces to put together. Tees come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for everyday casual, going to class, or going out with friends. You would be pleasantly surprised to see the different outfit combinations you can make with graphic tees, dress tees, tank tees, slouchy tees, and the list continues. Focusing your outfit around one of these types of tees will make you look confident, cool, and naturally stylish.
With some high-low shaping and creativity watch your simple tees become your next wardrobe go-to staple. You can take a tee dress, wear it with bralette underneath, and pair it with a jean vest or leather jacket to add some edge. There is always that comfy slouchy sweater you can wear over your tank tee or dress tee with tights or leggings and boots. Then if you add a layered necklace to the equation you will radiate a subtly graceful vibe. Tees can quickly become the ultimate stable you can accessorize with anything you have in your closet whether it is quirky or simple.
Wearing a tee is about feeling good not because you’re flashy and over the top but because you love your own skin, it’s about sense of self, it’s about you. So grab your favorite graphic tee that expresses your mood, throw on some boyfriend jeans and you’re ready for all the adventures your day has to offer.

Photography: Karsu Nalbantoglu