The Perfect Tea March 19 2015

Photography: FreePeople Instagram
While the weather becomes colder, leaves fall and days become shorter. The sun then seems to shine brighter; suddenly our days seem warmer and summer draws closer. As the seasons change so does our skin. This transition may cause our skin to go from flaky and dry during the winter to shiny and oily in the warmer months. Unlike the beauty of the changing seasons, this can become very frustrating because any adjustment to the skin can cause blemishes and acne. Therefore throughout the year it’s important to keep up with your skin, because clear skin can always make you feel more confident. One of my favorite ways to clear and maintain healthy skin is to drink tea. I have found that there are three teas that can unleash a mass of benefits for skin. These are all caffeine free but nutrition filled herbal teas.
            Dandelions are mostly known for growing in random places, but they are also surprisingly one of the best teas for skincare. Dandelion tea is infused with antioxidants and powerful immune system strengthening elements. So drinking a cup of this can help your skin stay youthful, healthy, and glowing!
            Green tea is probably the most popular of these three teas. Drinking a cup of green tea in the morning or before bed is a very beneficial way to naturally better your skin. Not only is green tea full of antioxidant as well but it also works to protect your skin from sun damage by reducing free radicals and inflammation. So keep green tea in your everyday diet your skin will look younger and smoother than before!
            Peppermint tea is cool, refreshing and great for your skin. One of its many great qualities is that it can relieve stress, which can help acne as well. It is also known to improve the problem of oily skin and rids the skin of dead skin cells. So if you have dry skin then drinking this tea can boost new skin cell growth and get your skin glowing and healthy in no time!
            No matter which tea you decide on, all three are great ways to improve your skin and keep it healthy and glowing. This way you can become the most confident version of yourself. So next time you're lounging in your everyday tee don’t forget to grab a cup of your favorite tea as well.