The Recipe for Festival Fashion June 03 2015

Images from Pinterest
As the warmer summer months draw near so does festival season. Music festivals have always been known as a place for artistic freedom where everyone can come together to share their mutual love for music. Its also been known as a place for outlandish fashion and unique style. The free willed “any thing goes” mindset of festivalgoers have paved a road for this quickly growing quirky trend. Even though to some, festival outfits may look as if they were just thrown together, there’s always a recipe for creating the perfect festival look you. The recipe is no secret, but it does vary from person to person. When putting together your next piece, as a committed festivalian, don’t forget the importance of drizzling a drop of your own unique touch into the blend.

The recipe for festival fashion goes as follows – Your festival look should be zesty, fearless, and bold. Don’t be afraid to add that extra bracelet or two. If you can’t decide which necklace to wear, go for both or all three. The festival mindset is about letting go and breaking free so reflect that in your clothing.

They say you are what you eat, but you are also what you wear. So throw on those ripped jean overalls you have been dying to try out. Style it over your favorite cropped tank and layer it with a bold statement necklace. Add a pair of fringed boots or tie up gladiator sandals and you have yourself a comfy and "easy-to-put-together" festival outfit. There are many great pieces you can always combine to create your perfect look; from graphic tees, vests, funky hats, chunky glasses, and crochet tops to leather shorts, flowy skirts and bohemian pants. When it comes to festival fashion the combinations are endless and at every festival there are always new outfits that will make a memorable statement or start a new trend. So buy your ticket, grab your favorite pieces and get ready to put together your next daring fashion statement.

Images from Jen's Pirate Booty